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Our Team


Nicholas T Smith


Nicholas Townsend Smith (Nick) is a Performance Coach and founder of Clearpath Training (clearpathtraining.com). He works with individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations to develop tools, systems, and processes to reach their goals, increase performance, and improve personal and organizational efficiency.


Nick knows that whether you are striving to reach personal or organizational goals, it takes effort in the right things long enough to win. Nick has coached and worked with leaders in organizations, sales professionals, individuals from around the world, and experts in fields ranging from professional arm wrestlers to New York Times best-selling authors. His ability to help individuals see the gaps in their performance and create a clear path to change is powerful and unique.


Nick holds a Master's degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, is a devoted father, and is the author of The Art of Accomplishment (Available on Audible), Sowing Seeds, How I Went From Zero To Number One In Sales in Only five Months, and Green Goo. His other works include No String Selling and The Boy and the Bird.


Nick was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Complex PTSD in 2017. Although this mental challenge has affected Nick for most of his life, he never let it slow him down. He proved that one can be successful regardless of his or her history.

See his newest book The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt giantsandsmalls.com


Ryan R Morris


Since he was little, Ryan had a work ethic like no other. At age 7, Ryan had his own paper route and was driven to make it succeed.  By the time he was 13, he had saved $10,000 where most kids his age were playing Nintendo and playing with friends.  Ryan carried this work ethic through his youth and by age 21, started a career in farm management in Vernal.


In 2002, he married his wife Amber and took his management talents to 1-800 Contacts where he spent the next four years learning the ins and outs of the corporate world. As their day time shipping manager,  he and his team of 30 would ship 10,000 plus packages daily.  He learned management but wanted to gain sales knowledge and see what else awaited him inside of business ownership.  Ryan started buying and selling the property he found at estate sales.  He learned how to market on Amazon, KSL, Facebook, and eventually became a Power Seller on eBay.  Ryan leveraged his hard work and dedication into an Auction House, where he learned the art of Auctioneering.  Ryan began in a 3000 square foot building, quickly moved to a 6000 square foot building, then to 7500 square feet, and eventually landed in a 27,000 square foot facility.  Ryan opened what was to become the largest consignment store and auction house in the state of Utah.  During this time, Ryan would do business consulting for business owners who wanted to be involved in online selling, auctioneering, estate liquidation, and consignment.  Ryan also has been an antique dealer for more than 13 years.  Ryan is still selling on eBay, and when time permits continue to be an antique dealer.  He figures he is quickly approaching an incredible 250,000 individual items sold!

After his business partner moved to Arkansas to help his aging parents, Ryan took the next year to close his business and sell the remaining inventory.  He continued his passion for selling while working with two of the nations largest dealerships.  Ryan has become a leading and respected salesperson.  He also continues to pursue his passion for consulting businesses and helping people reach their potential! 

Along this crazy ride, Ryan has attended hundreds of seminars, read hundreds of books, and listened to thousands of hours of audios in the categories of sales, self-help, personnel management, finance, business, marketing, and management.


Ryan is married with 5 kids. This drives him to be successful just to feed his giant family!