Epoché: Why Emotions Are A Blankety Blank

Photo by Atul Vinayak on Unsplash


Before you affirm or deny the next emotion you are having, remember the fallibility of the brain. In ancient Greece the word Epoché meant to suspend judgment when it comes to non-evident matters. When it comes to emotions, it can be easy to take them as truth when in reality, they may not be true.

I posted this video earlier, but this will tie in even more:

Check out this image? Even though it looks like it's moving, it's not. Our brain just tries to make sense of the motion and fills in the gaps.

Our brains are avid story tellers, so it is important to pause before acting on your emotions. Emotions can be a blankety blank because they often occur before we have time to think them through, and that can create some messy scenarios.

Check the facts, get as many details as possible, suspend judgment, practice Epoché the next time you feel overrun by your emotions. Chances are they don't mean what you think they mean. It is best to gather all the evidence and then decide as picking up the pieces can be a nightmare.

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