How To Be Memorialized On Toast!

There are so many people that are at odds with one another these days that it seems like nobody gets along. One could lose faith in humanity by watching the evening news or scrolling through their news feed. It seems even prevalent in politics for some reason. Why is it this way? I have asked myself why people find it okay to bicker and fight about things that probably don't really matter in the long game. So what is the solution?

It doesn't matter if you are Christian or not but that dude sure had a lot to say about being kind and forever changed a good chunk of the world based on his message of kindness. I'm not saying that you need to be Jesus but it wouldn't hurt to take a few pages out of his playbook and apply them in your life. What could happen if you do it? Here is what I have found. Naturally I am a positive happy person that looks for opportunity to serve and help people but I have decided to do a little bit more for others above and beyond what I currently do. I discovered that when I took my eyes off of myself and my own interest that an amazing thing happened. I became less selfish, I started to feel more empathy, and I developed a greater appreciation for how blessed I am to have what I do.

Look at some of the most successful leaders in our day. Leaders like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Dell, Warren Buffet, The Walton Family, and Mark Zuckerberg. These very rich and very successful entrepreneurs are also big time philanthropists. If you want to be like these leaders you would be well suited to give time, money, and service to others. Learn to be kind! If it's hard for you then start small and work up. Find a mentor that you can talk to about your goals so that you can be accountable to someone. Find new and unique ways to build or develop empathy. As you do you will be one step closer to becoming like these leaders mentioned above and maybe someday you will be forever etched onto toast!!!

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