In Memoriam: Grant Thompson-The King of Random

I thought it was a hoax that Grant had died. I reached out to his wife Tuesday and she confirmed it wasn't a hoax, that he died Monday evening in a paragliding accident. My heart broke for their family.

I met Grant around 2008. My sister introduced us when he moved to Salt Lake from California. I sold him his first home, and we became great friends. Night after night, we would play Rich Dad Poor Dad, the game, and dream about bigger things. Grant was amazing. Anything he touched seemed to turn to gold. When the market crashed in 2008, he kept plugging and created an incredible income buying and selling houses. I remember Grant would show me an my kids his inventions. From gummy legos, to electric shockers, he was always intrigued by how things worked, and the man was fearless. He got me over my fear of the doing a back flip and I accomplished that in 2010 at the “Ninja Gym”. I'm the old dude in the red shirt (2:16). That was a long time ago.

It was a big accomplishment for me, but he was way ahead of me, doing insane tricks. I loved that and kind of envied that in him. When I would hesitate, he would act!

I remember when Grant started doing videos in his garage with a make-shift PVC lighting kit he made. He was excellent at reverse engineering things, and that is exactly what he did with “The King of Random”. Grant did what he loved and the world approved. What I know about him is that he didn’t do the videos to “Get Famous”. He simply did what he loved and the world beat a path to his door.

What I will miss about Grant the most is his authenticity. He never changed. When my mood fluctuated his seemed to stay steady. I know he put a lot of time and energy into his YouTube business, but he recognized when it was getting overwhelming and systematized it so that he could be with his family. He loved to play and he loved his wife and boys. Ad I believe, he is still going to be a part of their lives.

A few months back we were talking about his journey and he said that he had fulfilled his purpose, but realized that maybe we don’t have just one purpose, that when we complete one purpose, we should look to the next purpose, and that’s what he did.

Last month, I got this text from Grant:

Here is a link to that video:

This video and that text speak volumes to the character of Grant. He was a man you could count on to be consistent. Where I feel like I was an on-and-off friend, he was always the same guy. I thought for sure I would be able to take my kids, and go hang out with his family at any time. I put it off because he would “always be there”, and now today, he is not. I have some regrets around that.

I’m extremely sad at the loss of my friend. He was a good man and left a legacy for his family and others that will live on. In the span of just 38 years, he managed to make the world a better place and that inspires me to do the same. I’ll miss you my friend. I’m grateful for the time we had together. God Speed!

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