JOT Goals: The Simple Tactic You Need To Reach Your Goals In 2020

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Not only is it a new year in 2020, but it’s a new decade, and if you want this decade to be better than the last, you are going to have to do something drastically different. Honestly, what did you accomplish in the last 10-years? If you are like me, you missed your mark.

What I find is that in action is better than setting massive goals, getting overwhelmed, and not taking any action. Reaching goals is all about what you DO and not what you SAY you will do. So, let’s shift that for you.

In my book The Art of Accomplishment, I talk about the concept of 1-1-1. Here is that section

“A few years back, I attended a seminar where Craig Zablocki shared a story of an older gentleman who set a goal, when he was young, to exercise every day. His goal was so simple he could not fail. He determined he would do one sit-up, one jumping jack, and one push-up every day. Some days he felt like doing more and he would. Other days he would at a minimum, do 1, 1, and 1. Goals do not have to be complex to be effective. Sometimes it is better to do something with a small goal than to have large goals that we never act on. My challenge for you is to make your goals so easy they are impossible to fail. What small things could you do to reach your goals right now? Do them! “

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction. - E.F. Schumacher

Along these lines, I want you to set a goal for the next year and even the next decade, but here is what I want you to do a little different. Instead of focusing on all of the things that need to occur for you to reach that goal, focus instead on Just One Thing (JOT) that you can do today to get you closer to your goals. Each night before bed or early the next day, I want you to decide what one thing you will create or act on today that will get you closer to your goal. Jot (you like that play on acronyms?) your goal down to the most simple, impossible to fail, highly likely to accomplish format, and work like hell to make it a reality.

When it comes to human behavior, you are not unlike your peers. If someone approached you and asked you to put a billboard for your favorite product in your front yard, you would likely say no, because who wants a billboard in their front yard?! But, if I asked you if I could put that same brand in your front window, you would be more likely to say yes. If I came back later after you had said yes to the sticker, you might say yes to a yard sign, and then yes to a billboard. This is called the foot-in-the-door strategy, and it works in human behavior.

Check out this video:

While I am not asking you to put a billboard in your yard, or even for bigger goals, I am showing you a simple psychological trick that will get you into action and working toward your goals. Since you are a human—I assume—this should work on you. Simply take your goal, and each day pick Just One Thing you can do to reach it. That’s it! That’s the JOT Goal technique in a nutshell. Are you ready?

What is your JOT Goal for today? Share it in the comments.

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