Why Your Pushiness Is Killing Sales (And What You Can Do About It)

From My Sales Book 'No string Selling'

Free to Choose

I cannot imagine a greater gift than freedom. The freedom to act on one’s accord or to choose according to one’s desires should never be compromised. Yet it is this freedom that is most attacked in the sales process. Not only is the client’s freedom under attack, but the one doing the sales often feels that she must act—even shadily at times—or lose credibility among her peers, lose status, miss out on opportunities, or lose some reward. Management often requires the salesperson to close the deal in the moment, and if she cannot complete the task then a second closer is called in, and after hours of relentless games and manipulations and if no progress is being made, the client is subjected to the further tactics of another manager until he or she concedes like a tired animal, or somehow manages to escape frustrated and furious.